Summer 2014 Schedule

June 15-August 31
Programs for children and youth offered at 9:30am each Sunday

We have a wonderful summer schedule and would love to see you! Summer is also our time to plan for the coming Fall. To do that, we need you to register your children and youth today! To enroll, visit

Summer Services: 9:30 each Sunday Programs for all children and youth! 
Nursery care available for infant – 3. Visitors Welcome!

3 & 4 year old class:
Spirit Play; games, crafts and stories

Grades K-5:
Creation Stories from Around the World

How do people from different cultures view themselves, the world and their origins? How did the world begin? How did the first humans get here? And Why are we here? Every culture has its own answer– every cultures its own creation myth. Children and naturally drawn to well-written stories full of magic and heroes that capture the imagination. Throughout the summer, together we will be exploring creation stories from around the world, culminating in the writing of a personal creation story. 

Grades 6-12
A Summer Experiential for Youth, Grades 6 and Up

Be an ally for nature. Do simple projects to make a practical difference for bees, butterflies, birds, and native plants. Learn awesome skills from experts and teach others how they, too, can make a difference, Make a difference, Build birdhouses, grow the only plant Monarch butterflies use for reproductions, write a children’s book, do a scavenger hunt, play games with a purpose, get your hands dirty, find out how to help species in crisis, write to law-makers, learn the art of canning food, enjoy fresh treats, and do crafts. Be featured on the Wall of Flame for participating, and earn rewards for positive action. 


Amy Peterson Derrick, Director of Religious Education
Jill Schwendeman, Director of Youth Programs