Applying our Theme: Sabbath

Somchaliceetimes life just feels too busy to devote a whole day or week to rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. And even though we all know that we should take time to recharge, taking time for ourselves can even feel more pressure-filled rather than restful. We live in a time when not being busy can feel uncomfortable; which is precisely why working toward incorporating times for rest is so important for both kids and adults.

So how can we begin to break the cycle of stress? Let’s start small by finding small places for rest in within our daily routines:

-Try using your commute time to work as a mini-vacation. Instead of making phone calls and catching up on the news, try unplugging for a few minutes each day during your ride. Use the time, instead, for centering, calming breaths.

-There’s an app for that! On the days when unplugging is just not an option, turn your phone into a tool for mindfulness meditation. When you hear the chime, take a moment to breathe deeply and to be thoughtful about what you are doing.
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-Get into nature! Try taking your lunch break outside–away from the computer, paperwork, and phone.

Make it a family affair: From taking breaths at the sound of your mindfulness app to reminding us to take our picnic lunches, kids can help adults remember to take a little time off while beginning an important practice of their own.

How are you finding Sabbath in the midst of a frenzied world? Share your ideas below!



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