Pilgrimage to Selma

Posted by Madison

Sara and I are making a pilgrimage to Selma, Alabama with other members of our church to honor the lives of the people affected by the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. It’s a long drive! We’ve stopped in Missouri for breakfast. 

Sometimes we have to experience pieces of history to understand what they mean to people in 2015. Do you know what a pilgrimage is? Have you ever been on one, or do you know someone who has?


One thought on “Pilgrimage to Selma

  1. From 4th/5th grade class at 11am:
    When people to a different place to learn more about it.
    When people group of people go somewhere.
    There is a spiritual component,
    Traveling to understand something more about the world or about themselves.
    My grandpa
    my mom

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