Boston Bound Day 2

Boston Bound Day 2

photo 1

Today was great! We went on the African American History tour. It was so cool to learn about black history in Boston and how it still affects us today. After the tour we we went to do the Bells and Bones at King’s Chapel. It was the most awesome (and creepy) tour ever! The best part was when we were in the basement and saw the crypts. The the crypts were covered in bricks so you couldn’t see the inside. bummer 😦 but on one of the crypts one of the bricks were taken out! 🙂 inside were three coffins. One deteriorated  and you could see the bones and another was a baby one that was either, not documented or most likely smuggled in somehow. (I hope it was smuggled!) Unfortunately we couldn’t get pictures on the inside 😥  now that the exciting part is over I should go in order. After the African American History trail we went and saw the original UU headquarters on Beacon Street.

photo 2Then we went to King’s Chapel. We learned a lot of history about the church. After Kings Chapel (and the crypt) we had lunch. We all went and got sandwiches. Once we were full we went and toured the current UU headquarters. One fun thing was that there was a giant chocolate rabbit! And even better we got to eat some of it! ❤ 😀 ❤ in the headquarters we learned a lot about our church.

photo 3 photo 2


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