Boston Bound: Day 3

We got up, ate breakfast, and set out for the Freedom Trail. We met out tour guide, a very alive Rachel Revere (in more ways then one). She was a wonderful and exciting tour guide, and threatened to hang Liliana and Max, all in good fun.


We checked out some more wonderful graves, including the grave of John Hancock, and the one of Paul Revere. The Freedom Trail dropped us off at Faneuil Hall and we got lunch.

IMG_0040 lazlowithfood

There was an enchanting store we all ended up in, Newbury Comics, and most of us left with at least one shopping bag. Then there was a street performance, which we don’t have any pictures of, but we have a video to show of our own Mike Smith being leaped over and Sorens’s reaction when we get back.

Most of us went to the Aquarium, but those of us more… refined (bloggers not included) went to the Art Museum. The Aquarium was amazing, as was the museum.


The wind was incredibly strong, and blew us down to the subway to catch a very packed subway car back to the hostel. Then we cleaned up a bit or rested, and took a less sardine-like trail car to the Improv Asylum for a hilarious show, which included a psychic medium in the audience, with two blonde “model kids”.

We returned, played pool, ate canolis from Mike’s Pastries (not our Mike) and settled back to write this blog post.

Goodnight from Boston, the Youth Group


One thought on “Boston Bound: Day 3

  1. It looks like you all are having a marvelous trip! Your posts and pictures are bringing back fond memories of my own pilgrimage to Boston as a youth (way back when). I’ll never forget how inspired and connected I felt to our UU faith ancestors during that journey; I hope that you all feel inspired and connected as well! I can’t wait to hear more when you get back!

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