Sharing the Blessings of our Community

During this morning’s annual water communion service we shared a story called, IMG_20150913_145613“The Water Bearer’s Garden,” in which we met a child who faithfully carried water along the long path home from a stream, each and every day. However, one of the pots that held the water that happened to be a little bit broken; cracked just enough to leak this precious water along the pathway each and every day. We learned that this imperfection allowed flowers to grow and flourish along the path that it had traveled with the help of the wise water bearer.

This story, I hope, reminds us that we each, in all of our beauty and brokenness, bring something wonderful to our spiritual home and out into the world. Our children were invited to share one gift that this community gives them, that they, in turn, share with the world. What gifts from WBUUC do you bring into your homes and schools and communities?

Here are a few insights from our kids:

  • love
  • kindness
  • family
  • beauty
  • sharing
  • peace
  • family
  • friendship
  • joy
  • laughter
  • music

One thought on “Sharing the Blessings of our Community

  1. Beautiful!

    Jill Schwendeman, M.Div. Director of Youth Programs White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church 328 Maple Street Mahtomedi, Minnesota 55115 Ph: 651-426-2369, ext. 105

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