Serve The World

IMG_20150927_113746303Today’s Social Action Sunday project for children was to prepare a birthday party in a bag for families at Solid Ground, a local organization that helps provide housing and resources for families experiencing homelessness.

The kids worked together as a team to color bags, make cards and sort donations. We are always so happy to work together with Solid Ground to bring a little gift, or blessing, from our hearts to their homes.

Before we began this project, we first explored the idea of “blessing” as a group. We asked: What is a blessing? How can we be a blessing to the world? What does it feel like when someone offers you a blessing?

Our kids then extended their heartfelt words by writing a blessing inside the birthday cards, and what beautiful words they were!


Thank you all for your amazing work today and for offering your blessings, “from your hearts, with your hands, to the world.”



“[O]ne does not bless without investing something of oneself into the receiver of one’s blessing… A blessing spirituality is a relating spirituality.” -Matthew Fox, theologian 

Extending the conversation at Home:

  • We are still in need to cake mixes and frosting to add to our birthday bags! Consider donating some of these items (please check the expiration date).
  • Ask: How does it feel to offer gifts or blessings to others? How can we, as a family, be a blessing for the world?

One thought on “Serve The World

  1. beautiful!

    Jill Schwendeman, M.Div. Director of Youth Programs White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church 328 Maple Street Mahtomedi, Minnesota 55115 Ph: 651-426-2369, ext. 105

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