Stretching and Growing

In a busy world, sometimes we need an invitation into a space where we can IMG_20151018_112711131breathe and find our center.

During each service, we welcomed a special guest to lead our Kindergarten through 6th grade kids in yoga. They were reminded of the power and strength of their own breath, their connection to the earth, and of the community that surrounds them. IMG_20151018_113130527This Sunday we also offered special programming between the services while parents attending a congregational meeting. Our youth joined our younger kids and shepherded them through spiritual practice centers.

Youth read a book to our younger children about finding peace in the midst of a busy world.
Children and Youth Zen Tangle doodle and color as meditation.
A yoga center was setup for those who wanted to continue to explore yoga as a spiritual practice.

Visit our Pinterest page to learn more about the books as resources that we use to help introduce spiritual practice to children and youth. Try some of them at home!


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