Celebrating Our Connections

Today we were reminded that each of us is called to bring goodness into the world, and by doing so, we bring hope to others. Whether or not we see direct evidence of the love that we share, we remember that each of us is connected.

We shared a story about our chalice symbol, thought about hope, and learned a song about our Principles.

Kids worked together to create signs asking members to donate to our holiday projects this year.
As we asked kids to think about giving, they thought about what helps bring them hope and inspires generosity. You can add to our board, too!



Many Ways to Give This Holiday Season

Mitten Tree

Donations will go to the Tubman
Gloves, mittens, scarves and hats of all sizes.
Starting on Number 22nd through December 27th.

Look for the Mitten Tree in the Atrium.

Coat Drive

Donations will go to families at St. Paul Public Schools

New and gently used coats of all sizes.
Coats will be collected all through November and December.

Look for donations baskets in the Social Hall and Atrium.

Guest at Your Table

Donations will go to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and global partner organizations to help advance human rights all over the world.
Learn more about this year’s partners at uusc.org/guest
Monetary donations of any size. For ideas of how to donate as a family, see the religious education blog
Boxes will be sent home on November 15th and 22nd. Boxes with checks will be collected in December.

Welcome Home Collection

The collected supplies will go to families moving into their own apartments, out of the Maplewood Family Service Center.
Cookware, tableware, food containers, dish towels, sponges, dish soap, cleaning supplies, rugs.
November 15 through December 13th
Donations can be dropped off in the youth office.

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