Love and Life

This Month’s theme:
Mortality: The Practice of Being Fully Alive

So much of what we do at WBUUC is about learning how to be in community with one another, helping one another throughout our whole lives. We often ask our children to think about why we come to church each week and what this community means to them. We hope that each family finds a home in which they can learn and grow, celebrating all parts of life in beloved community.

This week, we moved from talking about honoring endings to honoring the love that surrounds us. 

Our Preschoolers talked about how our congregation celebrates love by putting together a pretend wedding of their own, remembering that love is what makes a family.
Our Kindergarten and first grade classes explored how we live our UU Principles by honoring the love in all of our families.
2nd and 3rd grade classes explored all the different ways our community holds people through all of life’s transitions.
4th and 5th grade classes explore how communities are built by listening and learning about the needs of others. 6th grade classes explored what virtue looks like in our world.

Core Concepts from this week’s lessons:
PreK: We practice being fully alive when we celebrate love.
K-1: We share our lives with all different kinds of families.
2nd-3rd: We are fully alive together in community; we live fully into our call to create community.
4th & 5th: We help others live more fully by building community and helping others.
6th: We practice being fully alive when we remember that our questions and our decisions connect each one of us.


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