Tied Together in Community

This Month’s theme:
Mortality: The Practice of Being Fully Alive

From celebrating the beginning of the circle of life to discovering our spiritual advisors who help us wrestle with big questions, today we dove even deeper into how our community holds one another through every stage of life. IMG_20151122_141103

We started the day in the worship service talking about discovering and sharing our gifts; no matter how small we think they might be. What are you gifts?

Preschoolers celebrated the beginning of the Circle by thinking about how we welcome babies into our congregation.
In our Kindergarten and First grade classes, children learned something new about a classmate and drew them a picture to celebrate what makes them beautiful and special.
2nd and 3rd grade classes explored radical hospitality and asked our special visitor about his experience as a long-time greeter at WBUUC. Who do you think our special visitor was?
4th and 5th grade classes talked about how sharing our gifts, here in our congregation and beyond, helps to tie us together as one community.
6th graders explored how we are inspired to Grow our Souls with the guidance of our spiritual and ethical advisors. Who guides you on your journey?

Core Concepts from this week’s lessons:

PreK: We practice being fully alive when we celebrate the circle of life.
K-1: We practice being fully alive when we share our lives with one another and honor our diversity.
2nd-3rd: We practice being fully alive when we are radically welcoming to others.
4th & 5th: We practice being fully alive when we are tied together in community.
6th: We practice being fully alive when we seek spiritual direction and grow our souls.


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