Music at the Center

Our Youth Choir learns songs to support our church’s monthly themes in hopes that families will be able to discuss sermons and related topics together. On Sunday, December 20 we will perform two songs, Whatever Circles Comes From the Center translated from the 13th century philosopher and poet, Jelaluddin Rumi, and Where Is the Light, by our own Peter Mayer. Peter’s song offers the hope and self-awareness so badly needed in childhood, and is clearly one of the best solstice songs out there.

In the 13th century, mystics and Whirling Dervishes like Rumi were IMG_20151206_135642investigating spiritual questions within a scientific context. They observed gravity and centrifugal “force” and came to believe that spinning can help people find their own physical and “spiritual center”. As our Youth Choir performs, whirling slowly with a receptive hand toward the sky and the other toward the earth, they will also observe that they are literally at the center of our congregation and families. We are thankful for this opportunity and look forward to sharing in this mystical experience with all of you.

Russell Packard


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