Open Hearts and Minds

This week was all about Truth and the work of opening our hearts and minds to new discoveries. We learned new things about our natural world, each other, and  even our own deeply held beliefs.

Preschool classes explored the beauty of rainbows with a story, pictures, and prisms.

K-1 students talked about learning together; each of us has a piece of the truth.
2nd and 3rd grade classes wondered about how to ensure that everyone gets a voice in group decision-making.

4th and 5th grade classes thought about truth and perspective; how can we tell who is “right”?

6th grade students wondered about learning hard truths; how do we keep ourselves open to learning? How do we help tell these truths?

Core Concepts from this week’s lessons:
January’s Theme: Truth: The Practice of Keeping Open

Pre-K: We explore and learn together by asking questions and making observations.
K-1: Each of us hold a piece of the truth; we can learn more by listening to others.
2nd-3rd: Each person deserves a voice.
4th & 5th: Each of us holds a piece of the truth; we can learn more by listening to others.
6th: We keep our minds and hearts open to new truths.



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