Welcome, Friends

We set out flowers.

We cracked eggs, cubed fruit, tended pancakes, poured juice, said a blessing and raised our glasses in a toPancakesast.  The Coming of Age group was launched.

Why start by cooking and sharing a meal? To get to know each other, they said. To symbolize becoming capable; we can cook and feed ourselves. To learn skills, or refresh them. It’s celebratory and fun, they said. Food and humor are never wrong.  We are building a history together. This is something we do every day, but now we are sharing it. It reminds us of Thanksgiving, and so we start with gratitude and awareness.Good Company

The word companion comes from the Latin com and panis, and means a person you share food with.  Our youth are in good company as they begin to explore their goals, identities, fears, hopes, and purpose. Good things lie ahead.



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