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IMG_20151213_102824221We would like to invite all WBUUC youth to consider joining our Youth Choir. Practice is structured for three levels of participation, Primary, Middle and High School, with increasing complexity of percussion and vocal parts. Middle and High School band or orchestra students have the option of playing their own instrument or learning the Irish tin whistle. High School students help select music and arrange its performance.

Songs are selected in coordination with WBUUC’s monthly themes. Amy Peterson Derrick provides RE instructors with activities and curricula to integrate the monthly themes so as to enable and encourage cross-generational and family discussion of sermons and classroom activities. When a student teaches or shares in conversation what they have learned educational outcomes increase geometrically.

Winter session has just begun with new music and selections still to be made; so now is a good time to join in the action. The Youth Choir meets on Sundays between services. We understand attendance will be irregular for some, particularly High School participants. CD’s and music are provided to each family, so you can practice at will. We will have three more performance options this year, Easter Sunday Service, an evening House Concert on May 7th, and RE Sunday, May 29th.

Russell Packard

To register for youth choir, contact


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