The Souls of Youth

Your essence.2016-1 R&M Soul 4

The part of anything and everyone that is forever. A conscience. Who you are. The part of you that God gave you. What makes you unique; what makes you who you are. Your personality. What makes you one with the Earth. Your brain. The culmination of your being – something to be protected.

These are some of the definitions of soul our teens came up with. In their silhouettes, youth drew representations of their souls. They remembered times they’ve experienced soul: sitting by water, experiencing the Badlands, piloting a plane, being in nature.2016-1 R&M Soul 1

Parents are invited to join the 7th-8th graders January 31st at 9:00 or 11:00. See the soul pictures, watch UU faith newscasts the classes recorded, and hear about the big questions they’ve been exploring using the Riddle and Mystery curriculum. RSVP requested: Write


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