Heart, Mind, Imagination, Community

Vastly different sources.Feb 1 Workshop 1

This, said a teen, is what separates us from people whose heartfelt convictions
lead them to do things we think are wrong. How open are we to the influence of thoughtful people whose ideas may challenge or refine our own? How will we feel about a moral decision in ten seconds, ten hours, ten days – proud or ashamedWhat can we learn from our “gut”, parents, friends, faith, society, philosophy?  What is the effect of a moral stance – is it harm? health? new connection? destruction?

Moral decision-making in a free faith requires listening, questioning, faithfulness, and empathy. It takes not just the mind but also heart, imagination, and community. Youth in grades 7-12 are exploring this beautiful complexity Sundays throughout February, and there are Wednesday evening workshops for older teens. Come check it out.

Questions to consider: What are your sources of authority in making moral decisions? What do you think is the best way to go about moral decision-making? How is your moral process different – or is it different – from that of someone whose moral stances are very unlike your own?  


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