What Would You Do?

Martha Sharp bluffed her way past three sets of guards.

She deflected attention from the undocumented Czech man at her side by impatiently flashing her U.S. passport. She made a fuss about poor taxi service, declared she was late for a meeting with the ambassador, and demanded to be announced immediately. The moment they arrived inside the embassy gate, she and the man were safe.*

The flaming chalice, symbol of UU faith, was designed by Hans Deutsch during World War II so the UUSC could issue life-saving travel documents to people fleeing the Nazis. Still today, it is a sign of safety, hope, and freedom.

2-7 Chalice 1

Our youth decorated chalice cookies and talked about moral dilemmas. Some said they would risk their lives for a stranger. Some looked for other ways to empower rescuers. Using UU principles as a guide, we thought about daily dilemmas: Have we ever been asked to lie for someone? How can we set things right if we have done wrong? Do we care enough look at how we benefit from privilege at the expense of others? What if we have been dishonest in a friendship? Is it ever morally right to do something unethical?

These are not easy questions!  How would you answer them?

Read about Martha and Waitstill Sharp at: www.yadvashem.org/yv/en/righteous/stories/sharp.asp

* Description indebted to UU World article.





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