The Practice of Turning

This year, our children and youth have been exploring UU identity, world

Preschoolers made chalice necklaces so that they can share the message of peace and love wherever they go

religions and social justice through the lens of our monthly worship themes. This month, we turned our attention to the February theme:

Sin: The Practice of Turning

This month, we are thinking together about how we help one another in the practice of turning: turning our loves, our communities, and our world toward love. We will be wondering about what inspires us to be loving when it is really tough or when we aren’t feeling so loved ourselves.

We were off to a great start this week!

Kindergarten and first grade students learned about sharing their gifts with others.
2nd and 3rd graders thought about growing love in themselves and the world.
4th and 5th grade students thought about the connections and roots that help guide them toward love in all that they do.

Core concepts from this week’s lessons:

Pre-K: Our church community helps the world turn toward love and peace
K-1: Sharing our gifts can help turn the world toward love.
2nd-3rd: Our UU sources help us turn the world toward love.
4th & 5th: Our connections and roots help us turn toward love.
6th: Our heritage can inspire us to turn toward love.

Books used this week:
The Everything Seed By Carole Martignacco
The Peace Book By Todd Parr


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