Youth Connect

Life-long friendships. Safety. Spirit.Youth Con 2.jpg

The list of gifts youth experience at UU youth cons (conferences) is long. Robust human relationships are built over time. Locally, we’ve begun an annual con tradition, including the event this Valentine’s weekend to explore ways to connect.

Youth Con 4And we did talk… in small groups and large, private conversations, worship, talent show, meals… and in workshops: art, meditation, Legos, knitting and mental health, baking, and more. Youth, advisors, eight RE professionals, and four UU ministers, including our own Luke Stephens-Royer, pointed beyond our circle – to congregations, social justice advocates, and the world that calls for our engagement and care.

Beauty abounds. Like a grove of oak trees, we are connecting at the roots while we also grow as individuals. This spring, a youth panel and I will lead a workshop on positive youth development at the UUA’s regional assembly. Please try regional assembly – a great chance to connect with youth and adults from many congregations. It’s April 29th-May 1st, in the metro area. See information at

What connections empowered and held you as a teen – or are doing for you now as a young person? What do those connections mean to you? What can you do to support teen community and keep our circle growing?  Find more resources for youth and young adults at


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