Creating Ourselves

How does your life speak to the world?Creator Hand Wave

This week, Coming of Age youth wrote about their histories and decorated life masks.

Youth Group play Dough 6Youth group relaxed with modeling dough and made representations of something they love.You the Creator Hand Waves 2

Teens in 7th-8th grade made hand wave art. They asked What is art? Who gets to decide?  They paired off to make improv drawings. They thought about how art and faith are linked.

Creator - Cat

Someone, old or young, is watching what masks we put on, what we focus on, and what life we create. By our manner of being, we influence their ideas of how things should be.  We help them see possibilities – for purpose, for agency, for curiosity or hope or despair.

COA Mask creation 3

Consider: How do you express yourself? What message do your daily choices send to others? What message would you like your manner of living to broadcast to the world?




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