Growing and Serving

At a nearby college, 60-70% of Meal Packing 2students are food insecure. 

An, a WBUUC member and parent, started a resource center at Century College to help out. She asked for WBUUC’s partnership.

An gathered the youth twice to pack ready-to-go lunches for students, including some who are homeless.

If all goes well, we will be assembling lunches and snacks regularly, starting with the fall school year. This is a simple way for young people to show care for college students.

WBUUC youth challenged themselves at Camp St. Croix.

Twelve youth and four parents traveled to Hudson May 1st for a day of team-building, group problem-solving, and low ropes elements. No one moved out of their sense of personal control, but all the youth were asked to push their boundaries outward just a bit.

A day like this moves you, psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Individual youth came away proud of meeting personal goals, large or small. New friendships, a gorgeous day, and the surprise treat of cake made the experience fun and successful.



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