Human Design

The Big Dipper led the way to freedom.

People in slavery called it the drinking gourd as they followed it north. In other countries it’s been known as Charles’ Wagon, King David’s Chariot, a Plough, and the Leg of the Bull. Seeing and naming are creative acts. Our understanding of the divine is also shaped by human ingenuity and culture.

Young people thought hard about the creative forces that brought about humans ourselves. They played, too, with improvements they might make to the human design. One kind of human stayed full when they ate – so no one would ever go hungry again. Some were orbs of various colors, each shimmering with what they loved:

Other designs: Two heads with wings and one shining heart; beautiful circles that can never be hurt; organic interweaving between individuals; geometric shapes that change and fit cooperatively with others; gentle dragons:

Consider: What changes would you make to the human form? What changes are you actually able to make to your own spirit, relationships, aspirations, mind, body, work, daily practice?

Big Dipper article:


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