Bringing Hope Through Service

When we light our chalice, we are reminded that we are called to be a beacon of hope for one another and our community. We do this by making space for one another, through worship and shared learning, and we do this when we work together to help others.

This week, we were so fortunate to have the opportunity to help support the work of Castle Elementary school in Oakdale; we worshiped together, learned a song, welcomed the Principal from Castle Elementary, worked together to sort, count and package the many donated supplies, and made cards for the students at Castle.

Thank you to all who donated; together, we create a stronger, more hopeful world!

Here’s what we donated:

30 packages of Crayons
32 containers of disinfecting wipes
34 packages of colored pencils
36 backpacks
26 boxes of tissue
6 watercolor paint trays
50 notebooks
150 markers
96 pens
40 boxes of pencils



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