Building Covenants

October’s theme
Covenant: The Practice of Traveling Together


A community that is bound by covenant rather than creed is a lot of work; it requires that we look within ourselves and think about our own experiences, that we share our needs with others, that we make space for other voices and experiences that are different from our own, and that we commit to holding one another accountable when these promises are broken.

This week our children added to their classroom covenants; they explored the power of their words, our call to help one another, they thought about mistakes, forgiveness, and love. These themes showed up loud and clear in the promises that they made with one another:

Share, work together, come as you are, include everyone, assume the best, have fun, be a friend, treat others the way you want to be treated, be responsible, listen, safe bodies, be loving.

We strive to uphold these promises, not just when everything is going well, but even when covenants have been broken. What does it look like to be loving, to share, to be a friend, when we are calling someone back into covenant?

Questions for home: How do we call each other back into covenant after it has been broken?


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