Room for Peace

Can you think of a time you were able room-for-peace-3to establish peace in your mind or spirit despite facing turmoil or conflict?  What effect did it have?  A few parents took time out to ask questions like these about peace  in their lives and homes.

Youth and children also explored the topic, in an evening we called Room for Peace.  They started with a meditation, led by a recent youth grad home for winter break.  They made “mind jars” – room-for-peace-2filled with water and glitter that as it settles reminds us to do the same.  They assembled peace flags for the congregation’s Christmas trees, and spent time doodling or making beaded jewelry.  They drank warm cider and talked about what makes them feel calm and happy.

Ask yourself: What peaceful time does my family experience together?  What helps each one of us stay centered when we are upset, sad, or stressed?  How can we support that – and stay conscious of our ability to seek peace, no matter what is happening?  What practice would we like to deepen or add to the life of our family, to find peace and be a force for it in the world?


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