Blessing the 9th ward


Blessing the world is not always easy. We learned that sometimes even the city of New Orleans itself got in the way of the 9th ward residents’ rebuilding of their own community.

When the hurricane destroyed the city, property became very cheap and a lot of people wanted to sell so they could start over elsewhere. New people started to move in — middle class or wealthy, predominantly White people. The city started a process called gentrification. That means they put up beautiful new buildings, restaurants, bike lanes, parks, solar panels, and more for the new residents to enjoy. This sounds really great, but usually it makes living in that area more expensive, forcing the original residents to leave.

And keep in mind the empty lots in the 9th ward in need of government assistance for rebuilding.

It’s important to bless our worlds. But not everyone has the same idea of what that looks like, and sometimes those ideas may clash.


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