Nothing Can Be Changed Until it Can Be Faced

UU White Supremacy Teach-In

The Unitarian Universalist Association is engaging urgent work this month, as more than 600 congregations nationwide grapple with white supremacy in our culture and our churches as a moral, political and spiritual issue. This Sunday, May 21, Rev. Ashley Horan will speak on this theme.

On Wednesday evening, May 25, the conversation continues, hosted by Amy Peterson Derrick and Victoria Safford, with music from Carol Caouette. Join us for a brown bag supper at 5:30, and a “teach-in” at 6:15 to discuss what we mean when we talk about “white supremacy,” and the revolutionary love required to dismantle it. Children will join us for the beginning of the program; their session will end at 7:30. Adults are encouraged to stay till 8:15.

Programs for children includes examining representation, and the introduction of an 8th UU Principle.

2 Ideas for starting the conversation at home: 

  1. Listen to the story about 11 year old Marley Dias’ #1000blackgirlbooks campaign. Then, take a look next time you are in your library at school, home, neighborhood or at church.
    1. Ask: How does representation in children’s lit make a difference?
  2. Talk about our 7 UU Principles: These 7 Principles are a covenant, or special promises, that we make with one another.
    1. Ask: How do we live these promises every day? How can we make sure that all voices and experiences are invited to the table when we are making these promises?
    2. Talk about the movement to add an 8th Principle and ask: I wonder why adding this promise matters? How might it change how we live? How might it change our church community and UU movement? How might it change the world?

On Wednesday, May 25th, the children’s portion will focus on these two larger questions around representation and our Principles. We’ll wonder together: What is our role in transforming our world?

More Resources:

#whitesupremacyteachin resources  From Black Lives of UU (BLUU)

Youth and Young Adult Resources From the Blue Boat Blog: UUA Youth and Young Adult Ministries Office

Safety Pin Box for kids: an 8-week subscription box series to help parents talk to their children about Race.




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