Host a Guest at Your Table

Guest at Your Table
A Unitarian Universalist Holiday Traditionguest-your-table-box-distribution-and-collection-1335

Welcome a Guest at Your Table this holiday season by collecting for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, a humanitarian organization that has been working for human rights and equality for over 75 years.

Simply place the box on your table, counter or other central location during the holiday season and challenge your family to contribute regularly. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add spare change at each meal during the month of December; make a deadline for your family and then have a special meal or celebration to count, and celebrate, how much you collected.
  • Have a special family day to talk about what it means to support organizations like UUSC- challenge each family member to make a pledge to raise a certain amount to money for the Guest at Your Table program.
  • Host a gathering for friends and extended family- tell them about the UUSC Guest at Your Table program, and ask your guests to bring a donation.


This UU holiday tradition is a great way to help remind our children that when we work together, we can make great things happen. Pick up your box on Sunday morning, watch a video and learn more about the partners that we are supporting on the UUSC website at


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