Talking About Stewardship at Home

In March of each year, WBUUC members and friends are asked to help support the work of our congregation by making a financial pledge. Your contributions mean that we can continue the work of growing and serving within our walls and out in the world.

This year, think about involving the children in your life in this conversation. Here are a few tips to get the conversation started:

Begin by asking questions like, why do we choose to be a part of the WBUUC community? How does this community strengthen our family and make the world a better place? What do you love most about this community?

Remind children that just like we sometimes give our communities the gift of time (by teaching, being greeters, serving on a committee, attending a work day), we sometimes also need to support our communities with financial gifts as well. Ask: Why do you think WBUUC needs money? 

Invite your child to be part of the process as your family makes decisions about your family’s yearly contributions to WBUUC and other community organizations.

Ask: Why does our family choose to support this community? How do we make the decision about how much to give? How does our financial support to WBUUC make our family and our world better? 

WBUUC Kids Can Pledge, Too!


Inviting children into conversations about stewardship and asking them to think about how they might contribute to the communities in your lives with time or treasure (church, schools and more) can help children feel a sense of ownership and responsibility, and can help cultivate a spirit of community stewardship at home. Ask: How will you help support your communities this year?

Green pledge cards for kids can be found on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings on the bulletin board across from the Courtyard room, or from the RE office. Find out more about this year’s pledge campaign HERE.

Thank you for your support!


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