Now I Understand

Unitarian Universalism.  My whole life, that sentenc20120212-DSC_6996.Smalle included a question mark.  A question mark that has now turned into a semicolon; because I finally understand.

A UU congregation held the first state-sanctioned gay marriage in the U.S.

UUs gave their lives for the civil rights movement so kids like Yolanda Renee King might someday live in a world where she is not judged by the color of her skin, but by the content of her character.

UUs saved lives in the Underground Railroad.

UUs smuggled Jews out of Nazi Germany in WWII.

Hundreds of UU congregations became a sanctuary for immigrants.

Thousands of UUs fought for women’s rights.

A UU congregation let a group of young men in the ’60s burn their Vietnam draft papers in the church.

I understand now.

We stand up for what we believe in.

We challenge authority (when appropriate).

We see through the illusions of our world, to the pain, discrimination, and hate, and bring them to the light.

We show our passion through action.

I understand now.

We answer the call of love.


Poem by Tehya Daniels, who took part in a Boston Bound pilgrimage this spring with youth of White Bear UU Church.

Consider: What new understanding about your faith has your life experience and learning fostered?  How does your faith summon you to answer the call of love?


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