Children’s Choir Begins

Dear WBUUC Parents and Youth,
The Children’s Choir is back and welcoming new and returning members. We meet
every Sunday between services, from 10:10 – 10:55. The Children’s Choir’s primary
purpose is to empower youth with skills of expression through drum and song. By
singing together and performing for the congregation, students develop the
confidence needed to ensure that they will be heard, able to pursue their dreams,
and act on their growing interests and convictions. Songs are selected to increase
understanding of UU values and the education offered in our RE classes.
What is different this year is that we are returning to the Choir’s roots by selecting
songs geared toward our younger members, including Kindergarten through Fifth
grade. Older students will be engaged in supporting the performance of children’s
songs on percussion and/or the instrument of their choice. Students in grades 5 and
up are encouraged to bring whatever instrument they may play or to use our
xylophones and drums to enhance our performances. We understand that our
Middle School students are often busy and attend other classes, so we invite their
attendance only when they are able, no questions asked. High School students are
now encouraged to join the adult choir but are also welcome to join us and support
the younger children in performance.
Please come to a practice and check it out, see if it’s a good match for your family,
then sign up. Kindergarten, First and Second grade parents are encouraged to attend
the first practice with their child, at least the beginning, so as to assure comfort and
to support their participation. All parents are welcome to attend any and all choir
practices at any time. We encourage all parents/guardians to come during the last 5
or 10 minutes of class so that students can perform what they are learning for you. If
you choose, you too can learn our songs so you can sing them with your child at

In addition we are starting a “Parents of the Children’s Choir Committee” to assist
with performance logistics, communications, feedback and song selection. Parent
volunteers have been central to the Children’s Choir’s success throughout the past
20 years, however this year we intend to increase parental input and meaningful
engagement through this committee in coordination with the help of our new parent
volunteer, Alissa Bartlett. Please come and share your level of interest and or contact me via phone, email or text.
Hope to see many of you this coming Sunday,
Russell Packard

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