Youth Choir Begins!

The Children’s Choir is back and welcoming new and returning members. We will meet this Sunday October 6, and throughout the school year from 10:10 – 10:55 in the RE wing. The Children’s Choir’s primary purpose is to empower youth with skills of expression and to support UU value instruction. By singing and drumming together, and performing for the congregation, students develop the confidence needed to ensure their voice will be heard, their dreams pursued, and to secure their full participation in our church, our nation’s democracy, and the world.

Last year we returned to our roots, selecting songs geared toward our younger members in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. However, due to interest and returning loyal members, it remains a multi age experience. Students in Grade 5 and up play leadership roles helping to plan musical arrangements and often accompany performances with their own musical instruments, our church’s xylophones, piano or my Irish tin whistles. All students will play drums. We understand that our Middle School students are busy and attend other classes, so they are welcome to come when able. High School students are encouraged to join the adult choir but are also welcome to join us.

This is just one of the many educational opportunities our church offers all WBUUC members and attendees, free of charge. Please come to a practice a couple of times just to check it out, without commitment. Kindergarten, parents are encouraged to attend the first few practices to support their child’s participation. All parents and guardians are welcome to come to choir practice and support, participate or observe; and are requested to come the for the last 5 or 10 minutes, at which time students will share/perform what they have learned. This will enable families to learn our songs and sing together at home.

At WBUUC children’s voices are heard, seen and respected! So come help us make some racket, and rattle our church’s walls with your good vibes!!!

Russell Packard

WBUUC Children’s Choir Director



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