Creating Altars, Talking About Death and other Big Questions


Today we talked about remembering loved ones who have died. Each class created a dedicated altar space to hold pictures, flowers, LED candles and other items.

Our work in the classroom echoes our work in the sanctuary. We hold loved ones who have passed away by celebrating our time with them and decorating altars to honor them.

Though your child may have never experienced the loss of a loved one, they still may have lots of questions about death and dying (what happens when we die?), and themes of death and dying may show up in imaginative play as they start to try and make sense of death.  Be available to your child as they ask questions and consider sharing a book about death to get the conversation started. Check out this article from NPR’s Lifekit series on talking to kids about death.

6th-8th | Riddle and Mystery

Today we continued to explore the question “Where do we come from?” and started to take footage for our first video that explores these questions. Keep the conversation going at home:

  • Try to think of all the different creation stories and myths that you know of– why are these stories important?
  • What do you think of the question, “Where do we come from?” What or who has helped shape your ideas?

Youth Group

High school youth continued their conversation of this month’s theme, Church: The Practice of gathering. Over the past few weeks, they have been taking a closer look at conversations around death– how do we hold big questions together? How can a beginner’s mind help us gain a better understanding of big questions?

Keep the conversation going:

  • Talk to your teen about the role of your faith community in your understanding of death.
  • How do you remain curious, even when a topic makes you feel scared or uneasy?

Discover more: see classroom lessons here 

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