The Broom Master

This month’s theme is Awakening: The Practice of Letting in Light.


For this week’s Chapel Sunday, we read the story “The Broom Master,” adapted by Sarah Conover in her book, Kindness: a Treasury of Buddhist Wisdom for Children and Parents.

In this story, we are invited to explore how our grasping to the past, future, or the things we are told about ourselves can cloud our inner light and beauty.

In chapel, we talked about how we “sweep away” or inner dust and dirt so that we may make space for being awake to ourselves and our world. What does “being awake” feel like in your body? How is an awakening different than just learning something? What practices help you “sweep away the dust and dirt?”00100lrPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200204104608978_COVER


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