Now I Understand

Unitarian Universalism.  My whole life, that sentence included a question mark.  A question mark that has now turned into a semicolon; because I finally understand. A UU congregation held the first state-sanctioned gay marriage in the U.S. UUs gave their lives for the civil rights movement so kids like Yolanda Renee King might someday live … Continue reading Now I Understand


Youth Find UU Roots in Boston

"Stand by this faith. Work for it and sacrifice for it. There is nothing in all the world so important as to be loyal to this faith which has placed before us the loftiest ideals, which has comforted us in sorrow, strengthened us for noble duty and made the world beautiful." - Olympia Brown, Universalist and … Continue reading Youth Find UU Roots in Boston

Serving Others

What's the difference between equity and equality?  Between justice and charity?  How much do parents have to earn to support a family of four?  What causes poverty?  We explored questions like these, then headed out to do some good work on our Urban Immersion service retreat. Projects including cleaning Meals on Wheels containers, prepping an apartment for … Continue reading Serving Others