Paper Chains and Covenants

From Sunday, March 29th. Watch the Service: A few weeks ago, way back at the beginning of the month, when we were first considering this month’s theme of Attention and Centering, I shared with you one of the ways that we had been inviting our children to center and to pay attention to theContinue reading “Paper Chains and Covenants”

Toolbox for Difficult Conversations

As caregivers, it can be hard to know how to navigate difficult conversations about tragic events in the news with the children in our lives– especially as we struggle to make sense of things ourselves. Here are a variety of resources to help guide tough conversations at home. Talking about the Coronavirus Talking To YourContinue reading “Toolbox for Difficult Conversations”

Growing and Serving

At WBUUC, we say we “Grow our souls and serve the world.” This means that we are intentional about seeking out and learning from stories, people, and experiences– and that we then do our best to live these learnings each and every day. Praying With Our Feet by Lisa D. Weaver, Illustrated by Ingrid Hess; MarchContinue reading “Growing and Serving”

From You I Receive, To You I Give

This week, we began exploring our new theme, Communion: The Practice of Offering with Chapel services for Children and youth. After hearing a story in the sanctuary, children and youth talked about how we give and receive when we are together in community. Together, we pondered the questions: What do I offer when I amContinue reading “From You I Receive, To You I Give”

Creating Altars, Talking About Death and other Big Questions

Prek-5th Today we talked about remembering loved ones who have died. Each class created a dedicated altar space to hold pictures, flowers, LED candles and other items. Though your child may have never experienced the loss of a loved one, they still may have lots of questions about death and dying (what happens when weContinue reading “Creating Altars, Talking About Death and other Big Questions”

Youth Choir Begins!

The Children’s Choir is back and welcoming new and returning members. We will meet this Sunday October 6, and throughout the school year from 10:10 – 10:55 in the RE wing. The Children’s Choir’s primary purpose is to empower youth with skills of expression and to support UU value instruction. By singing and drumming together,Continue reading “Youth Choir Begins!”