Toolbox for Difficult Conversations

As caregivers, it can be hard to know how to navigate difficult conversations about tragic events in the news with the children in our lives– especially as we struggle to make sense of things ourselves. Here are a variety of resources to help guide tough conversations at home. Talking about the Coronavirus Talking To YourContinue reading “Toolbox for Difficult Conversations”

Attention: The Practice of Centering

Today’s Chapel Sunday is one that can easily be reproduced at home. Four readings were selected from the WBUUC theme page and used to inspire activity centers. Reading 1: “It is quite possible that an animal has spoken to me and that I didn’t catch the remark because I wasn’t paying attention.” ― E.B. White,Continue reading “Attention: The Practice of Centering”

Chalice Lighting Rituals

This morning we gathered together surrounded by beautifully falling snow to create chalice lighting rituals. The kids selected readings, incorporated sounds, and thought up questions for reflection. This is just one example of the beautiful rituals they created this morning. The group decided on a woodlands/animal theme: Shake the mind jar. Watch the glitter swirlContinue reading “Chalice Lighting Rituals”

Community, Hope, and Resilience

This was the last Sunday of Fall semester. Thank you to all volunteers for sharing your open minds, helping hands, and loving hearts with the kids. To close out our time with the Fall volunteers, each PreK-5th grade class made felt chalice kits to take home. These chalices serve as a reminder of everything learnedContinue reading “Community, Hope, and Resilience”

Growing and Serving

At WBUUC, we say we “Grow our souls and serve the world.” This means that we are intentional about seeking out and learning from stories, people, and experiences– and that we then do our best to live these learnings each and every day. Praying With Our Feet by Lisa D. Weaver, Illustrated by Ingrid Hess; MarchContinue reading “Growing and Serving”

Resilience: the Practice of Trusting

Today’s story was The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq written and illustrated by Jeanette Winter. It tells of a librarian’s determination to protect Basra’s books from the destruction of war, and names the community members who help her. In Children’s Chapel, we were reminded that things don’t always go the way weContinue reading “Resilience: the Practice of Trusting”