Youth Find UU Roots in Boston

"Stand by this faith. Work for it and sacrifice for it. There is nothing in all the world so important as to be loyal to this faith which has placed before us the loftiest ideals, which has comforted us in sorrow, strengthened us for noble duty and made the world beautiful." - Olympia Brown, Universalist and … Continue reading Youth Find UU Roots in Boston


March For Our Lives

Dear WBUUC youth and parents, As you know, this Saturday, March 24, people of all ages will be led by youth all across the country in a March For Our Lives against gun violence. High School Youth from WBUUC have been invited to gather with UU Youth from churches across the Twin Cities at Unity … Continue reading March For Our Lives

Nothing Can Be Changed Until it Can Be Faced

NOTHING CAN BE CHANGED UNTIL IT CAN BE FACED: UU White Supremacy Teach-In The Unitarian Universalist Association is engaging urgent work this month, as more than 600 congregations nationwide grapple with white supremacy in our culture and our churches as a moral, political and spiritual issue. This Sunday, May 21, Rev. Ashley Horan will speak on this theme. … Continue reading Nothing Can Be Changed Until it Can Be Faced