A Family of Faiths

Our 7th-8th grade youth this year are visiting a Hindu mandir, Jewish synagogue, Catholic Cathedral, African Methodist Episcopal church, and Muslim mosque. The goal: inter-religious literacy, understanding, and respect across differences. The youth watch for bonds of kinship among people of faith, and wisdom for their own spiritual growth. This fall they welcomed The Little Thunderbirds, a Native American drum … Continue reading A Family of Faiths

Fairness Sounds Good

Many soccer balls are made by child slaves. WBUUC's PeaceJam youth were shocked to learn about the brutality behind these and other items in our daily lives. They are asking administers at four schools to use only fair trade-certified suppliers for uniforms and sports gear. Meetings start with a chalice lighting and blessing, because this work is sobering.  "This is so sad," … Continue reading Fairness Sounds Good

Human Design

The Big Dipper led the way to freedom. People in slavery called it the drinking gourd as they followed it north. In other countries it's been known as Charles' Wagon, King David's Chariot, a Plough, and the Leg of the Bull. Seeing and naming are creative acts. Our understanding of the divine is also shaped by human ingenuity and culture. Young people … Continue reading Human Design