Construction Notes

On May 15th, construction began in the Sanctuary and the youth hallway. Here’s what you can expect on Sunday morning: Social Hall and youth hallway are now closed for the remainder of the summer. Coffee, tea and cookies will not be available until the project concludes. The single stall, all-gender restroom will be unavailable– The two multi-stallContinue reading “Construction Notes”

Serving Others

What’s the difference between equity and equality?  Between justice and charity?  How much do parents have to earn to support a family of four?  What causes poverty?  We explored questions like these, then headed out to do some good work on our Urban Immersion service retreat. Projects including cleaning Meals on Wheels containers, prepping an apartment forContinue reading “Serving Others”

WBUUC Summer Park Days Are Back!

WBUUC Park Days are an open invitation to families of all ages to connect on weekdays during the summer. We hope to organize weekly gatherings in several different locations around the Twin Cities metro area as an opportunity for children to play together and for caretakers to connect and share resources. Families who participate in Park Days canContinue reading “WBUUC Summer Park Days Are Back!”

The World is Calling

The world is calling to us, in an ancient language. Let us listen! “Every time we walk along a beach some ancient urge disturbs us so that we find ourselves shedding shoes and garments or scavenging among seaweed and whitened timbers like the homesick refugees of a long war.” Science author Loren Eiseley penned these words. HeContinue reading “The World is Calling”

Peace in Hard Times

These are stressful times, for both young and old, as our country wrestles with actions by the new administration that leave many feeling threatened.  How do we engage for democratic principles, justice, and peace while also coping with fear, sadness, anger, and worry, and bewilderment? Know that you are cherished.  As a community of faith, UUs support one anotherContinue reading “Peace in Hard Times”

The Practice of Spreading Light

This month, Prek- 6th grade students, along with adults in the congregation explored our theme, PEACE: The Practice of Spreading light. Children began by reading Todd Parr’s The Peace Book in their classes and created their own pages where they answered the question, “What is Peace to you?” Children extended this theme by exploring ways that theyContinue reading “The Practice of Spreading Light”

Room for Peace

Can you think of a time you were able to establish peace in your mind or spirit despite facing turmoil or conflict?  What effect did it have?  A few parents took time out to ask questions like these about peace  in their lives and homes. Youth and children also explored the topic, in an evening we calledContinue reading “Room for Peace”

A Creative Afternoon

For the thirteenth year, our youth spent an afternoon making holiday gifts with guests at the Family Service Shelter in Maplewood. Twenty-nine parents and children came to enjoy some respite as they made jewelry, framed photos, toys, & more. Thank you, everyone who helped – including Sarah, a generous WBUUC parent who made us lunch ahead ofContinue reading “A Creative Afternoon”

Cookie Bake

Twenty youth and seven adults raised $974 for Doctors Without Borders, our spring service trip, and the 2018 Boston Bound trip. A senior helped us write a covenant – not just a list of rules, but a positive statement of what we wanted to be for one another.  Our minister, Victoria, stopped by to wish us well. DuringContinue reading “Cookie Bake”