5th Grade Our Whole Lives

2019 5th Grade Schedule

Our Whole Lives:OWl-graphic-1

A Sexuality Education Curriculum for 5th-6th Grades

Spring 2019
Parent Information

This curriculum covers a broad range of topics – health and safety, love and family, puberty and growing up, sex and gender, communication and decision making – in an age-appropriate manner.  Each unit of Our Whole Lives has Homelink activities that help parents and children talk together about sexuality.  This is a crucial part of the philosophy of the program as a whole which recognizes parents as the primary sexuality educators of their children.  The course uses the book It’s Perfectly Normal by Robie Harris, available at our bookstall and at the UUA Bookstore.

Because of the nature of this program and the importance of the topic, we ask that you make a commitment to have your child attend as regularly as possible. It can also be helpful for your child to have made connections with peers in this class prior to the first session. Please consider attending regularly before OWL begins this March.

The class will be held during the months of March, April, and May during the 9 & 11am services.


Parent Meeting: Sunday, January 6, 2018 | 12:30pm

Jan. 13 | Session 1 | Sexuality and Values

Helps participants clarify, support, and communicate their values about sexuality.  Homelink 1

Jan. 20  | Session 2 | Images in Popular Culture

Helps participants become informed about and aware of how the media portray sexuality.  Homelink 2

Jan. 27| Session 3 |Body Image

Helps participants explore the concept of body image, understand the diverse experiences that people have with their body and its abilities, and consider ways to keep their own body healthy.  Homelink 3

Feb. 3 | Session 4 |Changes in Puberty

Helps participants understand the physical and emotional changes of puberty. Homelink 4.1 & Homelink 4.2

Feb 10| Session 5 | Gender

Helps participants examine the messages they receive about gender. They learn what it means to have a gender identity and about some of the many variations in gender identity. Homelink 5.1 & Homelink 5.2

Feb 17 | Session 6 |Feelings and Attractions

Helps participants understand the concept of being romantically attracted to someone else, whether of a different gender or of the same gender. Participants learn some of the terms commonly used to talk about sexual orientation and think about what people may so in a variety of scenarios related to attraction. Homelink 6.1 & Homelink 6.2

Feb 24 | SNOW DAY

March 3 | Session 7 | Reproduction and Staying Healthy

Covers conception, pregnancy, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and other possible consequences of sexual activity. Homelink 7.1 & Homelink 7.2

March 10 | Spring Break 

March 17 | Session 8 | Decisions and Actions

Educates participants about a range of sexual activity, including masturbation and sexually explicit media. Participants have an opportunity to think about when they would and would not want to engage in certain behaviors. Homelink 8

March 24 | Session 9 | Consent and Peer Pressure

Helps participants learn how to communicate about consent, to examine situations in which consent is violated, and to identify people in their lives who can offer help. Homelink 9

March 31| Session 10 |Healthy Relationships and Celebration!

Helps participants understand the components of a healthy relationship. This workshop includes a celebration for the conclusion of the program. Homelink 10