Natural Playground Project

The Natural Playground at WBUUC is a project that was generously sponsored and built by members of WBUUC. 

It contains natural elements such as sand, water, wood, living plants; it is a learning landscape of sensory stimuli where they learn through open—ended free play, interacting in nature. Hills to climb and roll down, rocks to scramble on, logs to balance on, tree stumps, an amphitheater, a woodland nature trail, are examples of the elements included in our natural playground. It truly is an outdoor classroom with spaces to encourage imaginary play, exploration, free expression, and build problem-solving skills for kids of a wide range of ages and abilities.

Our natural playground also offers the children of our community an opportunity to intentionally build the next generation of our earth’s stewards by connecting our children with nature through play. It’s safe with few moving parts, sustainable, and has a low carbon footprint.





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