Natural Playground Update

Playground  –  Requesting  for  Proposals. RFP

The children’s playground has funds to build one more play structure and we are looking for ideas to do the following;

  • A structure that would enhance the gross motor skills of children between the ages of 8-12 years old.
  • A mid size structure built with natural materials.
  • A fun structure to encourage climbing, and use of all our muscles.


Proposals for a play structure, should include as much detailed information as possible including a sketch, proposed dimensions and the materials that will be used and estimate of the cost.

Proposals should be submitted to Amy Peterson Derrick by June 24th. A small RE subcommittee will then select what might best fit the area.  Call Amy with questions  about the proposal: 651-426-2369 ext.106

You can also take a look at our Pinterest Page for ideas.


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