Children’s Choir Updates

Dear Children’s Choir members and interested families,

I am excited to announce that the Children’s Choir will be returning to practice between services this Sunday, January 19th. We will be preparing for our next performance in April when we will support the monthly theme of Impermanence: the Practice of Transforming, and Earth DayOur first two songs of this trimester will be Whose Gonna Stand Up by Neil Young and Good Day Sunshine by the Beatles; click HERE to access recordings and lyrics.

This is a great time for potential new members to join. Please drop in and check out our practice between services at 10:10 in the Arthur Foote room of the RE wing. If you like it, students can join after a session or two. The primary mission of the Children’s Choir is to help students find their voice, gain confidence, be empowered with skills of self-expression and assure that they are heard. Ultimately we seek to support UU value education and RE programming through music. It is a multi-age activity; older students are encouraged to participate with the musical instrument of their choice. All participants will play drums as we make a joyful, playful and raucous noise. In performance, the children will experience being blessed by our entire congregation as they receive the enthusiastic and loving recognition of our congregation while singing at the center of our sanctuary.

If you have any questions, please call me at 651-558-1508.

Russell Packard

WBUUC Children’s Choir Director

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