Summer Sundays

This Summer, register for one of our three multi-age, hands-on experiences: Spirit Play, UU and Hogwarts, and Grow and Serve Maker Studio. Nursery Care available for children ages 6 months- 3 years. Each class explores Unitarian Universalism through a different lens. Register Today!

Spirit Play (Recommended ages 4-6)

We invite children completing and entering preschool to explore our UU Principles and sources through this Montessori-inspired curriculum. Each session features interactive storytelling and a special craft.

June 12: Our Chalice
June 19: Many Ways to Pray
June 26: Our Rainbow Promises
July 3:All Connected
July 10: People Around the World
July 17: Wisdom Everywhere!
July 24: Wonder and Mystery
July 31: Learning From Others
August 7: Spirit Play
August 14: Hide and Seek With God
August 21: The Everything Seed
August 28: Love For Our Earth
September 4: Water Water Everywhere!

Hogwarts and UU (Recommended ages 6+)

Join us for a summer program that explores our UU Principles through hands-on activities inspired by the stories of Harry Potter.IMG_20150614_105904117

Participate in team-building by playing Quidditch, explore our interconnectedness by learning about herbology, explore justice and compassion through Defense Against the Dark Arts, and more!

Students entering 1st through 5th grades can enroll in our Hogwarts Summer program as students, while youth 6th grade and up can enroll as prefects.

June 12: Weclome Sunday- A trip to Diagon Alley
June 19: First Day At Hogwarts- Sorting Ceremony
June 26: Transfiguration
July 3: Charms
July 10: Quidditch
July 17: Defense Against the Dark Arts
July 24: Care of Magical Creatures
July 31: Divination
August 7: History of UUism
August 14: Potions
August 21: Herbology
August 28: Chamber of Secrets
September 4: Closing Sunday

Grow and Serve Maker Studio

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi

WBUUC presents Grow and Serve Maker Studio, a summer workshop for youth. Tinker on your own in a studio setting stocked with fun supplies, select a project connected to other WBUUC programs including the Harry Potter program and Natural Playground project, or use the fresh ideas and materials supplied each week to create something new.


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