Growing and Serving

At WBUUC, we say we “Grow our souls and serve the world.” This means that we are intentional about seeking out and learning from stories, people, and experiences– and that we then do our best to live these learnings each and every day. Praying With Our Feet by Lisa D. Weaver, Illustrated by Ingrid Hess; MarchContinue reading “Growing and Serving”

Selective Hearing

Poetry sourced from the daily news. What are your core values? Teens in grades 7 and 8 sorted through value words and selected five that mean the most to them. Starting with news articles, they inked out words to create poems related to their values. Try your hand at making poetry of every day communications. What speaks to you,Continue reading “Selective Hearing”

Stretching and Growing

In a busy world, sometimes we need an invitation into a space where we can breathe and find our center. During each service, we welcomed a special guest to lead our Kindergarten through 6th grade kids in yoga. They were reminded of the power and strength of their own breath, their connection to the earth, and of the community that surroundsContinue reading “Stretching and Growing”

All the Ways We Live Our Faith

This week, each of our classes studied a different way that we live our Unitarian Universalist faith; from sharing a piece of our hearts with one another in multigenerational community, to feeling at home here in this church, to thinking about how we share our values with others out in the world every day.