Worshiping With Children

For parents of small children, worshiping with small children can feel daunting; what happens if they are too squirrely? too uninterested? too noisy? The truth is, making space for children in worship is just as important to the faith development of our children as their time in Religious Education classes. Worship is the primary wayContinue reading “Worshiping With Children”

Searching for Wisdom

They love this congregation where they are moved by music, our teens said. This is a place where people can think deeply, calm themselves, serve people in need, feel accepted, embrace diversity, be with friends. The list came at the end of a long discussion, in answer to the question: What do you love about this,Continue reading “Searching for Wisdom”

Holding What Matters

In the midst of a broken world we need community that calls us to slow down and remember what matters most: the love of families that come in so many beautiful shapes and sizes, kind words of welcome that are spoken in infinite languages, Our UU values that remind us that we are all connected andContinue reading “Holding What Matters”

Young Voices on Morality

  Brand-new people; age-old questions. “We don’t know anything for sure, but we are willing to listen, and make adjustments – and what happens to our set of morals will change history tomorrow. Thank you for listening to us today – not despite our being youth, but because of it.” Thank you to Rebecca for these words, and toContinue reading “Young Voices on Morality”

Is It Wrong?

Old questions, new humans. What guides moral decision-making in a free faith tradition? What is the nature of morality, to whom or what are we accountable, and what do young people bring to the discussion?  This is the focus 9th-12th graders chose for the youth-led service, a highlight of the church year set for February 28th.Continue reading “Is It Wrong?”